Short version

I'm a human being located in Tallinn (59.437° N, 24.754° E).

I am interested in machine learning applications with a real world impact. Previously I've worked for 5 years at Bolt where I was the group tech lead of the data science domain (around 50 scientists). Before that, I helped to kickstart data science teams in Proekspert and Investorise. My educational background is in econometrics and economic theory.

Besides machine learning, some other things I enjoy include:

🏃 long distance running and road cycling
📚 hunting for vintage editions at the neighbourhood book market
📖 binge reading Wikipedia at 1AM
🏛 discussing political science and economics over a beer
🐶 petting doggos

A more detailed professional resume can be found here.
All opinions stated on this blog are my own and are not affiliated with my employers.